Kia’s journey into the electric vehicle (EV)

Kia confirms EV9 GT
Kia confirms EV9 GT

Kia’s journey into the electric vehicle (EV) market takes a bold step forward with the launch of the EV9 GT, a model that promises to redefine the standards of electric SUVs. The EV9 GT is not just another addition to the burgeoning EV lineup; it is a statement of Kia’s commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability.

The Launch of the EV9 GT

Scheduled to launch in January, the EV9 GT is the culmination of Kia’s efforts to bring an electric SUV to the market that does not compromise on power. The anticipation for this vehicle has been building, with potential buyers and enthusiasts eager to witness the capabilities of what Kia has dubbed as having “enormous power”1.

Design and Aesthetics

The EV9 GT is a marvel of design, blending the ruggedness expected of an SUV with the sleek aerodynamics of a modern EV. It boasts a striking exterior with automatic flush door handles, 21-inch wheels, and a matte finish option that adds to its commanding presence on the road. The LED projection headlights and customizable digital pattern lighting grille are not just functional but also enhance the vehicle’s futuristic appeal2.

Performance and Power

Under the hood, or rather under the floor, lies the heart of the EV9 GT’s promise: a high-output dual-motor system that delivers rapid acceleration, taking the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds. This level of performance is impressive, especially for an SUV of its size and class1The reinforced suspension and electronic braking system ensure stability at high speeds, making the EV9 GT not just powerful but also safe and reliable1.

Battery and Range

The EV9 GT is equipped with a 99.8 kWh battery, capable of an 800V output, which provides a range of up to 541km between charges. This long-range capability is complemented by the vehicle’s fast-charging feature, which can regain a significant portion of its range in mere minutes3The EV9’s platform utilizes ultra-high-strength steel for a robust yet lightweight structure, contributing to its efficiency and range2.

Interior and Technology

Inside, the EV9 GT is just as impressive. It offers seating for up to seven adults, with a spacious and luxurious interior that rivals that of premium vehicles. The technology on offer includes a new “highway driving pilot” system, which uses an array of sensors to provide level-three autonomous driving capabilities where conditions permit3.

Sustainability and Future Vision

Kia’s vision for the EV9 GT extends beyond just performance and luxury. The company is committed to sustainability, and the EV9 GT is a key part of that commitment. The vehicle-to-home (V2H) backup power capabilities, which are expected to be introduced in the future, will allow the EV9 GT to deliver power back to the home, showcasing the multifunctional use of EVs in energy management2.

Market Impact and Expectations

The launch of the EV9 GT is set to make waves in the EV market. It is not just a new model but a new benchmark for what electric SUVs can be. With its combination of power, range, luxury, and sustainability, the EV9 GT is poised to attract a wide range of customers, from eco-conscious drivers to those seeking the thrill of high performance.


The Kia EV9 GT is more than just a vehicle; it’s a glimpse into the future of mobility. It represents a shift in the automotive industry towards cleaner, more efficient, and more powerful vehicles. As Kia confirms the launch of the EV9 GT in January, the world waits with bated breath to experience the enormous power and innovation that this electric SUV promises to deliver. The EV9 GT is not just a new chapter for Kia; it’s a new chapter for the automotive world

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